When is instruction offered?

Group lessons are offered daily at 10am, 11:15am, 2pm, 6:15pm, and 7:30pm. Private lessons are offered at the same times, along with additional lessons at 12:30pm and 3:15pm.

How much time should be factored in to your schedule?

We suggest arriving at Appalachian Ski Mtn. at least one hour before your desired lesson time. This allows time for clothing rentals as well as equipment rentals, purchasing a slope ticket, and required lesson forms. Additional time should be considered on holidays and weekends. 


How many students will there be in a group lesson?

The French Swiss Ski College believes that learning is more effective in small groups, we strive for no more than 6 in our groups.


Is a slope ticket included with instruction?

No, slope tickets are not included with the price of instruction. Slope tickets and equipment can be purchased through Appalachian Ski Mountain and both are required to be on the snow.


What is the advantage of a private lesson?

Private lessons provide the most accelerated path to improvement. If you want to make a leap ahead in your proficiency, a private lesson is the fastest way to improve your skills so that you can better enjoy your time on the slopes.


Do I need to make a reservation for my lesson?

We do encourage reservations for private lessons and children’s programs; especially for those seeking special accommodations such as Spanish-language lessons, instructor requests, or terrain park instruction. Holidays and weekends are also good times to make reservations in order to streamline your experience here at Appalachian Ski Mountain.

 *We do not take reservations for group lessons.

Should the reccommended three lessons be taken back to back?

We suggest allotting time in between your lessons to allow for practice and breaks to go inside. This also makes each lesson more productive and progressive.


Do you offer Terrain Park instruction?

Yes, call for instructor availability.


Should I wear a helmet?

Helmets are included in the price of SkiWee and Cruiser Camp and required to be worn for our children’s programs. For all other participants, we do encourage helmets to reduce risk of injury and to aid in confidence on the slopes.


Why the age requirement for SkiWee and CruiserCamp?

Children younger than 4 years old cannot fully enjoy the SkiWee experience because of the physical demand in the group setting. The same is true for children trying to snowboard before the age of 7 years in a group setting.