Who needs skiing lessons?  In a word-EVERYBODY.  

If you have never skied or snowboarded before, taking lessons will eliminate the “trial and error” period that accompanies self-teaching.  The way we really ski or snowboard is through habit so why not learn the right habits first instead of trying to relearn. 

French-Swiss Ski College is dedicated to teaching proper technique from the very beginning.  We also help existing skiers/snowboarders correct habits that keep them from advancing.  Three lessons with practice time is the key to learn a skill for life. 


A common misconception is that lessons are expensive.  This is NOT the case with French-Swiss Ski College. You can take 3 lessons for $60.  

Group lessons - $20 per person.  

We will match you with a group of similar age and skill. 

Private Lessons - $55 for one on one .  Add $20 for each person you add to your lesson.




Bring the Kids! SkiWee & Cruiser Camp Learning Program

Skiing instruction for children ages 4-10 and Snowboard instruction for children ages 7-12 

SkiWee 4 Hours - $80

SkiWee 2 Hours - $60

(Cruiser Camp Weekend & Holidays)

Cruiser Camp 4 Hour - $92

Cruiser Camp 2 Hour - $72

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Reservations are strongly encouraged for private lessons.   

We do sell out during peak times.   

Reservations are suggested for group lessons.


For information and reservations call 8:00AM-6:00PM: 828-295-9311


  Additional reasons to learn with French-Swiss Ski College at Appalachian Ski Mtn:


  • We have taught over 1 million people how to ski/snowboard.    French-Swiss Ski College is THE place to learn to ski and snowboard.  It is our proven belief that in 3 lessons, we can teach you a skill for life.

  • Lower on-mountain expenses.   At Appalachian Ski Mtn., a day of skiing with lessons here is a fraction of what you would pay at a bigger resort.  When you learn to ski here, you can easily take your skills and knowledge to any resort in the world. 

  • You will have a quality, educated instructor.   Our instructors are trained to adjust each lesson to fit the student, can see what you’re doing, and offer a quick diagnoses of what you’re doing right and wrong.

  • Instruction, better than fallling.  There are techniques that are more efficient and effective than others, allowing you to progress with less fatigue and more confidence.

  • Avoid mistakes.   When you develop muscle memory correctly from the beginning, you will bypass the need to go back and “re-learn.”

  • Less travel hassle.   We are much easier to reach than the big slopes out west.  Just pack and go!


Appalachian Ski Mountain Snow Reports & Conditions: 828-295-7828

Appalachian Ski Mountain and French Swiss will operate in the rain.



French-Swiss Ski College

At Appalachian Ski Mtn. Blowing Rock, NC