The best way to learn to ski or ride is to take lessons! Professional instruction at the French Swiss Ski College will accelerate your improvement. Having taught over one million skiers and snowboarders since 1969, this is the place to learn skiing and snowboarding! Sign up with the oldest and best ski school in the Southeast for your next lesson.

Why take lessons?

A very high percentage of people who try skiing once never return. They try it on their own, or with the help of their friends. They are not successful and never return. For the average person, it takes 3 times to be comfortable and in control on the more difficult terrain. Taking a series of 3 lessons (not one) will give you a skill for life.

The first lesson helps you learn to keep your balance, and you get familiar with sliding while staying on your feet. The second lesson makes the transition to intermediate terrain and the third lesson gets you comfortable and confident on intermediate terrain. The joy of skiing really starts when you can turn and ski in control on intermediate terrain. Guidance and coaching from a trained professional instructor makes the goal much easier to accomplish.

What lessons are right for you?

GROUP: Ages 6 and up. Group lessons offer the opportunity to improve with skiers or snowboarders of similar ability in a fun, supportive and social atmosphere. Sign up for more than one and improve faster. These are small classes, with never more than 10 people in a group. Conveyor lifts only

PRIVATE: Skiing or snowboarding one on one with a private instructor is the most productive way to learn the sport. Time is spent progressing at your pace, tailored exclusively to address your specific needs. Private and semi-private lessons can be arranged at any of the times listed. Any Terrain. Lessons must be all skiers or all snowboarders.

ULTIMATE PRIVATE: Looking for a big improvement in a few short hours? Meet with your personal instructor for a skill evaluation, determine your objectives and develop a three-lesson plan to reach your goals.


  • 10:00am—Beginners
  • 11:15am—Beginners
  • 12:30pm—Private Lessons & Beginners
  • 2:00pm—Beginners
  • 3:15pm—Private Lessons Only
  • 6:15pm—Beginners, & Private Lessons
  • 7:30pm—Beginners, & Private Lessons

Skill levels: what's right for you?

There are two beginner levels. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

Beginner 1

Those who have never skied/snowboarded before. You will learn navigation skills, become familiar with equipment, learn balance, use of conveyor lifts, sliding, getting up and stopping on the easiest terrain.

Beginner 2

You have skied/snowboarded before and are not ready for more difficult terrain. In Beginner 2, you’ll develop confidence and improve control by learning to link turns on easiest terrain, and prepare to transition to the chairlifts.

Private Lessons

All ages and levels of ability. If you would like a lesson taught on intermediate or advanced terrain sign up for a private lesson.