We don't mean to brag, but we love when our guests have a great time! Below are a few reviews of our ski college.

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  "I wanted to send a note to say how much we were impressed by the SkiWee Camp on Saturday. Our two younger children had a great time and learned a lot! They both were complimentary of the instructors and they seemed to enjoy being around other kids who were just beginning. After picking them up at 3:30, I was shocked at how confident they both were. My daughter went down both Orchard Run and Strudel. My son went down Strudel, but really enjoyed Appaltizer (The magic carpet lift). I'm not sure which he liked more!

We signed them up hoping they would get a taste of skiing and would have a fun day whilte my older daughter, my wife, and I could ski. We're all novices and I honestly don't know what to expect with the Skiwee program. It exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you so much for offering such a great program. You helped to make their first experience on the slopes positive and I appreciate it."

-Satisfied Parents

"I brought a large group yesterday; it is by far the largest group I have taken on a trip alone. Your staff was wonderful to work with and made the day a complete success. I just called to make a reservation for our March/Spring Break trip.

Ski school members greeted our group while they were getting their equipment. The lessons went very well and most continued to ski/board the rest of the day. The slopes were in great shape and lift operators were friendly and funny. THE PRICE was great and we have introduced many new folks to the sports.

All day it was one great experience after another for my students. A lot of huge smiles as they went to their cars.  Thanks for helping our students have a great day. I hope your holiday season goes well and Merry Christmas!!"

-Central Carolina Community College, December 2013

"Mark: it was such a pleasure meeting you during our recent vacation in Blowing Rock. Thank you for your ski instruction! You would have been proud of the kids, we drove over to Sugar Mountain the next day and the kids went all the way down the little hill without falling!"

"I'm writing to thank you again for going out of your way to welcome me to Appalachian Ski Mtn...You blew me away with your hospitality and eagerness to see me improve on the slopes. Those five or six runs that we made together completely changed my skiing experience. The three basic principles were running through my head over the next two days; if I ski to 70 I won't forget those nor your skill at sharing techniques in a memorable fashion.

I never imagined I'd be skiing backwards that morning. On top of hammering in the first principle, that exercise did wonders for my confidence level. Having not touched a pair of skis in three years, I was skiing Thin Slice and Hard Core comfortably by the end of the day and that's because of you. You have a gift for teaching the sport that you've no doubt developed over years of practice. Thanks for sharing that skill with me and ensuring that skiing will be something I'll want to practice for years to come."